X-22 Cheats Review

X-22 Cheats Review

By HR_Reviewer

I first started using X22 last year when I was playing the original incarnation of APB. It was a decent enough hack with good features and mediocre aimbot ability. I'll tell you this though, it never fully stood up to some of the other hacks out on the marketplace. I wouldn't consider this a rage hack at all, it seems more set up to be an inconspicuous hack. Other than APB, X22 does service quite a few game titles. There is something there for just about any gamer.


Price is in the Euro currency. Yes this is a hack company based in Europe. If you use the Euro as your everyday commodity, then it's a decent deal. If you're American like me, it's very expensive. To break it down we have to explain the detail which lead to the pricing scheme. There are two packages, a radar package, and an aimbot package. Naturally the aimbot is going to be more expensive. Current exchange rates put one month of radar at $14. One month aimbot is $28. Might I remind you that is for ONE GAME, and not a package deal where other games are bundled in. That's too expensive for me for a hack that's mediocre to begin with.


Decent enough I suppose. There are English speaking people present, so it's not too difficult to follow along with a conversation there. This community and it's people are average I'd say as far as hacking forums go. Same blend of kids/teenagers/adults/trolls as you'll find anywhere else.

Customer Service:

There are some pretty good moderators over there. Then there are those who like to write up fake cease and desist orders when you write a review about their website that they do not like. Yes DeadFreak555, I'm pointing the stink finger at you. Real lawyers don't use words like got, whatev, and can actually use proper grammar and spelling. Other than that, customer service seems to be just like the hacks they sell, yes I'm going to say it again, mediocre.


Being one of the largest hack providers in Europe comes with it's share of consequences. It would be ludicrous to say that X22 isn't on the radar of PB and Vac, not by any means. What that means for you the consumer is that you're taking a pretty good risk of being caught. Detections will be based on several factors indeed, but anytime you cheat with a large site's product, your chances of being caught go up. To put it in plain English, detections are what you would expect. Not astronomically high, but certainly never undetected either.

Ease of Use:

One of X22's saving graces is the fact that he does have an easy to use hack loader/ hack interface. Mouse driven and customizable GUI's will trump arrow driven menu's any day of the week. I like the ability to be able to click and drag the interface and 2D radar to anywhere on my screen that I choose. Will the interface win Best Gui Hack Menu 2011 from HackReviews.com? Probably not.

Final Score: 2.5/5
  • Deductions: -.5 Customer Service, -1 Detection Ratio, -1 Price.

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