RootHacks Review

Root Hacks Review

By HR_Reviewer

Price: has very good prices, some of the lowest prices I've ever come across. $1 for a two day trial, $5 for one month, $10 for three months, and $15 for six months. That is a superior price! Pretty hard to find any faults with their pricing scheme!

Detection Ratio:
Well, you don't get a PB ban number for being completely undetected, that's for sure. But, I don't see any current detections for any of their games right now. Like any other site, you have to do your own research, because you can't really count on them to list the last time they were detected. You can see that two of their hacks are currently down, either because of a needed update, or they have been detected. BC2 & MOH. Do some digging for yourself.

Just like any other hack site, there are a ton of devout and committed customers. You know the kind, that no matter what happens, they'll be with the site till it dies. The forums are laid out reasonably well, and it's easy to navigate. The forum uses a heavily modified version of vBulletin 3.8.6, so it's a little outdated, but still remains very usable and functional. Moderators and Admins seem to be good people and allow members to openly discuss their concerns and complaints without fear of retribution. Trolling is kept to a minimum here, and I've only seen one or two instances of it. Good community in my opinion.

Customer Service: uses the LiveZilla live support ticketing system to handle online support, and the forums for all other support. There is one noticeable standout on their support team, the guy called GhettoCuban247. He helped me out on many occasions when I couldn't get the hack to work, had problems, or just generally screwed something up. I am overall pleased with the customer service of

Ease of Use:
Unfortunately, I did not have the best experience with my Battlefield Play 4 Free hack. Constant crashing and errors prevented me from giving this hack a full blown, balls to the wall test. The longest session I had just barely eclipsed 2 full games before crash to desktop or game freeze. Most of the time I never made it out of one game before a freeze or a crash. I'm sure they'll say "beta hack, beta game, what do you expect". I was told by GhettoCuban on Hack Reviews website that the problems I was having were limited to me, when I know for a fact it wasn't just me having these issues. Toting the company line he matter of factly stated "mostly crashes are caused by the Clients computer i play for hours with the hack and never crashes for me ofc if no steps are fallowed you will get crashes ^^ common sense!/ but yeah is the best".
To put it plainly, I gave up on the hack. If they fix it properly, I may consider subbing again.

Final Score: 4/5 1 point deduction for ease of use, or lack thereof.