Rent A Cheat Review

Rent A Cheat Review

By HR_Reviewer

Rent A Cheat is owned and operated by sole admin and coder Kozmok. Started back in 2006 with the idea that hacks should be ever evolving, cheap, and fun to use.


Kozmok is a very experienced coder who is always trying to improve upon the games he sells hacks for. He is very approachable and easy to talk with, unlike allot of other websites where users have little to no interaction with the coder. He, himself answers a lot of customer questions, asks users what they think, and genuinely cares about people's accounts.


As far as the hacks go, they are pretty damned good. Kozmok is always tweaking his code to suit the users, and we like that. Have a problem with a feature? Want to see a feature added? Just ask, and it's usually implemented a short while later. I once asked if he could look into the aimbot settings, and he responded right away "I'll look into it". What other website or coder does that for a regular V.I.P. member? No place that I have seen. The games offered are pretty good, but some of the games are a bit older. BF2, 2142, and Crysis are a good example. That's not to say that they are not good, because they are. The newest games offered like BF:BC2 and MOH are awesome! Sooo many features and a wicked sick aimbot to boot!

Price: What about price?

Prices have been updated as a reflection of the current economic landscape I assume. They are still well within the reasonable price range and still cheaper than most websites. The highest prices hacks are Black Ops, MW2, and BC2 which are $12. All the other games are currently $7.50, or as I used to refer to them as "seven fiddy". Buy all of the hacks for $35 a month, not too shabby.

Additional Features:

Another nice feature of RAC's is the hack loader featuring a fully functional IRC chat channel and support area. This is a really great idea, and is very helpful when needing to speak to staff or Kozmok about a problem. Speaking of staff, they only keep people on staff who are polite, knowledgeable, and very helpful.


The community @ RAC is small and tight compared to a lot of other hacking websites. This can be both a pro and a con in some cases. If you're a person who thrives on the interactions of fellow VIP's and whatnot, you may find yourself to be lacking here. If you compare RAC's community to other reputable hack sites, you'll see it to be pretty slow and not very active. Might it be that way because there isn't hundreds of weirdo's crying " THE HACK IS DETECTED"? That very well may be the case here, because you really won't see that. Also it's worth mentioning that RAC went with a new forum software script called XenForo and it is exceptionally clean and well laid out. Good job tech monkeys.


Detections @ RAC have always been very low. I remember there was a time when the BC2 hack was the only undetected hack on the market, and it stayed that way for 6-7 months. I have heard that the BC2 hack had been detected a few more times since the original date, but from what I understand the hack has been completely recoded and is back up to it's ass kicking high standards once again. There have been one of two other detections for the other games like Black Ops and one of the older games I think. Don't let that dissuade you because Rent A Cheat is very low on the totem poll in the eyes of Punk Buster and has been that way for quite some time. I wouldn't be afraid to buy their hack and would definitely purchase from there again in the future.

Ease of Use:

Ease of use for RAC is extremely high. The forum and tech sections are very well laid out and easy to follow. The loader/integrated irc channel is fantastic, and the hack GUI is the best one we've seen so far. As a matter of fact, we awarded Rent A Cheat with Top Graphical User Interface of 2010. Out of all the hack companies we reviewed last year, RAC had the slickest hack interface of them all. This bad boy dethroned the long time champ of GUI, the HelioS AA framework.

Final Score: 4/5
  • 1/2 point deduction for Community. 1/2 point deduction for Detections.

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