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By HR_Admin


This varies from the package you've chosen to buy. The cheapest package in the CoD package by Razor. Next in price is the De.Bug package with includes a whole slew of games for $20. There is also a package for Xeon and his games at $20. While bundling up games does make the cost per hack cheaper, I find it annoying to be forced to buy a package deal for a specific game I want to play. If you have all the games in the package you've chosen, and you intend to use all of the hacks, then it is a good deal. If you just want to play one game from the package, the deal is less than savory.

Detection Ratio:

The detection ratio is the stuff of PB legend. Just look at the problems the company faced with Bad Company 2 game. The detections were so bad that they had to start giving their customers CD keys to make for the rampant detection waves. I personally know 1/2 a dozen people who left the site in search of other hacks because of the detection fiasco associated with that game. The company brags about always being the first on the hacking scene with a hack for a new game, but what they don't like publicized is that their hacks are always the first to be hit a ban wave as well.


This community is one of the best there is. The support staff is very good with helping customers and potential new customers with any problems or questions. There are multiple sections set up to allow the customers to interact and share things such as Warez links, movies, and music. There is even a dedicated thread about learning how to BBQ. I find it very easy and welcoming and often peruse the forum for reading enjoyment.

Customer Service:

Customer service has always been one of the high points for buying at FPS. As stated in the community part of my review, the support staff is very helpful to anyone with an issue or problem. The hacks themselves are non-refundable if you are unsatisfied or have other problems, so be aware of that.

Ease of Use:

This is where my review gets tricky. If I were covering just one coder, I could give you a definite answer on how their hack menu is. I Have seen some of Razor's menu's before and they do look easy to use and navigate. De.Bug's are much more simplistic and a bit harder to get a firm grasp of. As for the other guy, I've not seen anything of his work, and so I cannot pass judgment on that. I spent many a day trying to figure out the best set up and usage for some of De.Bugs hacks and his simplistic menu systems were not the greatest. That was awhile ago, so I don't know if it's improved any over the last year.

Final Score: 3.5/5 Deductions: 1 point Detection Ratio+1/2 point Price and Bundles


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