By Stephen Johnson

Team Fortress 2 Store's First Year Celebrated With New Hats

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and Valve are teaming up for a project involving Team Fortress 2, with Adult Swim teasing that “their video game peanut butter will be getting in our network’s chocolate” next week.

Does this mean a Team Fortress 2 cartoon is coming to Adult Swim? Can we expect word on Team Fortress 3? Is this the addition of Adult Swim characters into the world of Team Fortress 2? Or is this something else entirely? We have no idea at the moment, so speculation and a link to the Team Fortress 2 + Adult Swim website is the best I can do.

Let's get into speculation. We know that Valve has "introduced" all of the characters from Team Fortress 2 in video form, with the exception of The Pyro. Could it be that the Pyro's intro is coming next week on Adult Swim? That's what I'd put my money on, although the idea of an Adult Swim cartoon starring the Team Fortress 2 characters is what I most want to happen.