Infamous mobile port allegedly shrinking to make room for more components..

by Justin Rubio
February 24, 2012

As we continue to expect more and more out of our mobile devices, manufacturers are tasked with the tough job of stuffing additional components into a very finite space. According to iMore, Apple's next solution to this problem will be decreasing the size of the infamous 30-pin connector.
Used with all of the company's mobile products, the existing connector likely won't be switched out with the industry standard microUSB port as there are speed restrictions with the technology, as well as the issue of conformity that Apple products would rather not succumb to.
The iPhone and iMac manufacturer has made similar moves to increase working space in the past, like using the outer casing of its smartphone for an antenna and co-developing Thunderbolt port technology for use with computers and displays. The adoption of cloud technology also comes into play, making hard-connections between your mobile and desktop products less prevalent.
iMore expects the change of pace to be introduced as part of the iPhone 5.