Forum Rules:

These rules are general so they can be interpreted by an Admin.
The main goal of these rules is to allow honest reviews and opinions and allow representatives from the given cheat site to discuss the issues brought up (if any).

Hearsay (making statements of fact without providing reasonable proof) is not welcome. We don’t care who said what to whom. We only want your experiences. Try to keep comments as respectful as possible and with tact. Here are some general guidelines as well:

1) No linking of any pornographic material, warez, sharez, public cheats, keygenerators, cracks or any other .exe or .dll.

2) No spamming

3) No abusive comments will be tolerated. You don't have to like everyone - but just make your points with good argumentative reasoning rather than name calling etc.

4) Please limit direct advertising of your site to the site specific area. You can post discussions with tactful arguments why a potential customer might want to choose your/this site in another's area as a response etc so long as there is appropriate context relating to the discussion. This is a pseudo grey area – so just be mindful of what you’re posting and if it’s an appropriate response (the context). Do not just go into another’s cheat site area and post or start threads with comments such as “my site is the best – come here”.

5) Do not have multiple user accounts – if you have more than one both will be banned.

6) Do not alias and misrepresent another user in the cheat community. That will also get your posts deleted and your account banned (and you wont be allowed back).

Again –these are general guidelines – when in doubt on something – ask an admin.