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  1. ESP that hasn't been detected?

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    ESP that hasn't been detected?

    I'm finding a very tough time finding a hack provider for DayZ that hasn't been detected and mass-banned in the last month or so. My previous experience with one site, I got banned in just a few hours after using it for 15 minutes. I understand that there's always a risk in any sort of hack you use, but I'm looking at sites like AA and see on the forums people citing they're getting detected weekly, which is unacceptable.

    Is there a site offering hacks that are relatively safe and haven't been detected in the last month? All I need is player ESP (vehicle ESP would be a plus but not necessary). Or has Battleye just stepped up their game so much lately that coders can't reliably get around them?

  2. Re: ESP that hasn't been detected?

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    We at ArtificialAiming have discontinued the DayZ cheat, until HelioS has found out a new undetectable method for the mod.
    We're also looking at completely dropping it and wait for the stand alone instead.

    We switched all our DayZ subscribers to the masterpackage (46 LVL3 cheats) free of charge to compensate them for this event.

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