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  1. Banning Halo 4 Pirates from Xbox Live


    Banning Halo 4 Pirates from Xbox Live

    Microsoft Permanently Banning Halo 4 Pirates from Xbox Live
    by Zips

    You'd have to be quite dumb to pirate Halo 4. You would have to be even more dumb to not only pirate Halo 4 but also to play it while connected to the Internet. Well, some people are that dumb and are now paying the price for their actions.

    Those who have been banned have been issued the following email.

    “This email is to notify you that your Xbox Live privileges have been permanently suspended due to illegitimate prerelease title play.

    “Because your conduct is in violation, the Xbox Live Enforcement Team has issued a permanent suspension. Your Xbox Live privileges will not be reinstated.”

    Microsoft continues on to note that a violation of the Xbox Live Terms of Use could result in account and console bans. It is unclear right now if all of these bans for pirating Halo 4 are merely account bans or if they're the more strict console bans for some users.

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    lol, smart move play pirate copies on own account.

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