There is an element that thinks there is some value in disclosing on an anonymous site that Aimjunkies owns this website and that we are trying to hide that. We as a matter of fact have never hid the fact that they are incorrect in the hierarchy. So i will make a statement of fact so everyone is perfectly clear on what the facts are.

1. Aimjunkies does not own this site. It is owned by the Phoenix Digital Group"PDG". PDG owns AimJunkies,Virtual-Advantage this site and approximately 100 other websites, blogs and domains in an ownership group.

2. We have never hid or denied PDG owns any of those property's that are disclosed by their assertions. And in fact announced it on public press release, and our network of blogs and websites viewable to the public including here in the forums long, long ago.

3. The cheat site reviews that are posted on this site were either done by the former owner of this site or by an independent reviewer that is a gamer for his life and not a member of our staff on any of our sites. He loves to game and review cheats.

4. We encourage ALL sites to participate in this forum and be an active part of it. Some sites have embraced it and some want to continue to lurk in the shadows and bash what we have assembled here. That's their choice and its ok. This site was never acquired from the previous owner to be an avenue to bash other sites and glorify ours. In fact he sold it to us because he was tired of being bullied from the very same individuals that try to discredit us now.

PDG acquired this site because they recognized that the cheat scene as a whole was viewed as seedy and unsavory. We are attempting here to bring it out of the closet and allow our users to point out the unsavory tactics used by some sites, to warn other consumers and point out to these sites their shortcomings including ours. And provide a forum for those individuals who feel they have been wronged to have a voice also. Also this is a place for all other cheat sites to reach out and interact with potential new customers.

In conclusion:

The blog that tries to paint this site and Aimjunkies in a bad light is an attempt to discredit our network of sites. Hopefully one day they will realize their attempt and continuing efforts are in vain. Customer service and value always trumps shady and deceptive tactics.

I find it funny that a site that goes to such great length to bash us does not have the balls to announce who they really are to the public in it.

We have from day one....