Catalyst-Hax Review

Catalyst Hax Review

By HR_Viper

Catalyst-Hax has been around for a pretty long time. I haven't had much experience with them up until now. I've heard some good things and some bad things from many different sources so I took a look for myself. I was wanting to try their Combat Arms hack but after a game update several weeks ago, their hack has yet to be updated.


Catalyst-Hax has been well known for detections in the past. As of late, their detection rate has improved, with only a few detections. They are well known for failures with screenshot cleaners. They also received a Modern Warfare 3 detection not too long ago, but they have fixed their issues.

Ease of Use:

The Catalyst-Hax loader is neat and nice-looking, as well as functional. The in-game Battlefield 3 menu also shares this nice look, but not all games do. Modern Warfare 3's in-game menu is a arrow-button navigation style menu which makes it less than easy to navigate.

- .5 points for poor navigation menus

Customer Support:

The customer support at Catalyst-Hax is helpful for the most part. They offer forum support and Teamspeak support. The staff is fairly knowledgeable and helpful. In that crowd of helpful users are the occasional unhelpful staff members that are more interested in power than helping out. Forum help requests are typically answered in a timely manner by staff that actually want to help people.

- .5 points for some unhelpful customer service / site staff

Features / Quality:

The Battlefield 3 aimbot from Catalyst-Hax is an impressive aimbot that does not disappoint. Their Battlefield 3 hack is fully-featured with everything needed to rage, play legitimate or however you want. The Modern Warfare 3 hack is a decent hack, but far from the top hack out. While not playing against other hackers, the aimbot dominates except for the occasional allowed death. Against hackers, the hack is so-so. The aimbot can barely stand up to another aimbot. The autowall also lacks the ability to keep up with competing autowall aimbots. Catalyst-Hax has a Combat Arms hack that has been patched for weeks that they still offer for sale.

- .5 point for selling a non-functional hack


Catalyst-Hax offers any of their hacks for $10 for a week and $20 for a month, as well as offering other money-saving packages. For a one-month hack, Catalyst-Hax is competitive for pricing, being near the median for hack site pricing.

Website / Community:

The website of Catalyst-Hax is somewhat difficult to navigate, frequently running into broken links that should have led to important information. They do not offer a straightforward way to purchase more than one subscription. They give information about purchasing more than one subscription, but dead links stop access to that information. The community at Catalyst-Hax is polite and helpful, except for the few that stick out (same ones that were mention under the Customer Support section of the review).

- 1 point for difficult website navigation and broken links


Ease of Use:
Customer Support: 1.5/2 Features / Quality:
Website / Community:

Total Score: 7.5/10
Catalyst-Hax offers good quality cheats, but their few flaws can be a nuisance.

My rating system:
Detections - 2 points
Ease of Use - 2 points
Customer Support - 2 points
Features / Quality - 2 points
Price - 1 point
Website / Community - 1 point


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