Call Of Duty Hacks Review

CoD Hacks Review

By HR_Reviewer

CODH is owned by BF2142Leet, GirlGamer, A_D_M_I_N, or whatever you want to call him, whom also is the owner of FPSCheats. With that being said, it's no surprise that CODH is run exactly the same way as FPSCheats as far as subscribing for forum access. It specializes solely on the Call of Duty franchise.

R4z8r is the man behind all the coding there and for the most part his hacks are very good. His hacks feature a ton of options and are very deadly. Their loader is made by de.bug and once you're in game it's easy to set the hack the way you want it and save your profile. R4z8r is also the man who likes to release a hack for the newest COD game on day one; unfortunately, it is not a full hack with all the bells and whistles. While this new hack is released, he is constantly adding updates to it until it's complete. This can either be good or bad, for example, if the hack he released on the first day is undetected, it could get detected with all the extra code that is being added to it. He is still a good coder nonetheless and will try to help you out if you run into any issues.


The Community is very active and friendly at CODH. Randomguy101 and Eye In The Sky are probably the most active mods I've noticed while I was there and are extremely helpful. A_D_M_I_N posts quite often too but usually it's to say things that are untrue such as "We are working on a build that will be 100% undetectable", but within a week their hack is detected again. Or he comes up with some ploy to distract you from their status by offering sections in their forums full non-nude girls. I don't know about you but I have access to tons of dirty girl sites, I'm on their site because I want hacks. But it is his site so he can do whatever he wants I guess.


Their price (donation) is one of the cheapest out there. Once you "donate" your $20, you have access to hacks for 5 different games which include COD2, COD4, WAW, MW2, and Black Ops. This is a recurring subscription so if you wish to no longer be a member, make sure you manually go into your Paypal and cancel the subscription.


Their website is very easy to navigate and is very organized. They also have very detailed instructions, stickies, and even videos to help you get started once you get VIP access. It took me no time at all to begin raging.


Now on to the good part, detections. While being a member there I was detected twice. Even with their new "100% undetectable" hack they are still getting hit. Their MW2 hack did go undetected for about 9 months but was detected around the same time Black Ops was released. Their Black Ops hack is still getting detected here and there but not in huge ban waves. A_D_M_I_N made a post saying that some of the bans their members are getting are because other players reported them. You draw your own conclusion on that, but I've been reported many times by other players and never been banned.


Overall CODH is a good site and the only site you will need if you're a huge Call of Duty fan. All their hacks for $20 equals a great deal. I took off one point because of A_D_M_I_N's lies and ploys, and one for their recent string of detections

Final Score:

I'm giving the site an overall score of 3/5.


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