ArtificialAiming Review

Artificial Aiming Review

By HR_Admin

My love/hate relationship started with this company about three years ago. Back then I was an avid player of Battlefield 2, and was tired of getting my ass kicked by other players. That's where AA came into play. They were the first VIP hack I ever paid for and it was damned good. I ravaged and raged the servers back then so hard. Then one day I got banned. Why? Because HelioS forgot to add a PB bypass to his updated hack. Naturally they didn't care. It was " oops I forgot" and sucks to be you basically.

Sometime later I came back to AA for another game I was tired of getting my ass kicked on. Once again, the hack was awesome and I was raging it up in the servers once again. Feeling invigorated and happy with the game and the hack, I decided I'd post in the forum that I was looking for clan members, and to go to our website to apply. That didn't sit well with one of the Moderators and he took it upon himself to post in open forums how to exploit the security holes within my clan website. When I got pissed off and asked that information be kept to himself, I was banned. My access was removed and my 3 month subscription I had just paid for was stripped from me. Wonderful.


Prices for the hacks vary from the package chosen and length of time. Price is average and not too outrageous considering the quality of the hack.

Detection Ratio:

Any large site is going to have detections, and AA is no different. I wouldn't say that their detections are any higher or lower than any other hack site. Their detections are about average.


This is a multi-national group of hackers who are all about kicking ass and taking names. Like any other place on the net you have a mixture of kids/teens/adults/trolls all trying to make a community together. AA is a large site, so you'll see all facets of the above mentioned group there.

Customer Service:

Heh, my favorite part of the review. After reading my two opening paragraphs you can probably imagine where this is heading. If I were to be a customer there again (which I'll never be) I would avoid the Admins, Mods, and other weirdo's like the plague. Ask a question and get told to "learn to use the search button". Terrible. If you buy from here, just avoid the forum all together. You might try your luck with the iRC channel, but there are sharks swimming there as well.

Ease of Use:

For a long time the HelioS loader and hack menu were king in the hacking world. The loader and hack menu are very well thought out and easy to use. There are also custom configurations available to download and implement into the hack system. This one of the easiest to use hacks anywhere.

Final Score: 3/5 Deductions: Detection Ratio & Customer Service


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